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Community Development and Improvement of Globus Software (CDIGS)

Globus development began in 1996 as an effort to provide the scientific community with a set of tools and services for building distributed applications. Globus components have now become a set of de-facto standard building blocks for distributed application deployments all over the world. The NSF CDIGS award not only enables continued development of Globus software (using teams from the University of Chicago and the University of Southern California), but also to expand even further as a community project where international collaborators have joined forces to develop, improve, and implement distributed infrastructure technologies for current and future generations.

CDIGS Project Goals

  • Evolve and enhance Globus functionality, performance, scalability and robustness
  • Improve usability and manageability so as to decrease the cost and complexity of deploying, operating and using Globus infrastructure
  • Support major NSF users and communities
  • Expand the Globus community