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GridFTP has become the de facto standard workhorse for large data movement in distributed science projects across the DOE system and worldwide. The Globus implementation of GridFTP is by far the most capable and widely used, playing an essential role at DOE computational and experimental facilities, and in many DOE application projects.

Project Goals

The goals of this project are to:

  1. Make important enhancements to Globus GridFTP, as identified by user requests, include features that meet user needs for higher performance (e.g., disk I/O optimization, fast checksum computation, efficient transfer of large directories), user needs for greater ease of use (e.g., better firewall handling, ease of installation and configuration, GridFTP on Windows, interfaces to new file systems such as HDFS), and system administrator needs for easier administration (e.g., port multiplexing to reduce demands for ephemeral ports, easier installation and configuration). These enhancements must be incorporated into the Globus GridFTP implementation, tested, and delivered to the DOE research community.
  2. Respond to user support requests from the DOE community include bug fixes, minor enhancements, and advice on configuration, installation, tuning, problem determination, and integration with other tools and applications. Our ability to respond to requests in a timely manner is often important to the smooth functioning of DOE research. The support process also provides continuous access to new and emerging user requirements.


Sep 2011 - Aug 2014


Year 1

Year 2

  • Mode F data channel final specification
  • Release of parallel command execution for efficient transfers
  • Release of single port GridFTP, with no ephemeral ports
  • Native implementation of GridFTP for Windows
  • High-quality UDT integration
  • TCP simultaneous open; limited release and experiments
  • Respond to support requests from DOE users of GridFTP

Year 3:

  • Parallel file system optimizations
  • Striped server enhancements
  • Native recursive directory transfers
  • Dynamic control of data movers
  • Respond to support requests from DOE users of GridFTP